Hi, I’m Rick and I’m a user experience designer based in Boston. I’m fascinated by UX design because of its perfect blend of psychology, strategy, and creativity. Check out my work below.

Dynamik Sports

I redesigned an existing sports store’s website adding an e-commerce functionality and an intuitive Information Architecture. The UX flows from the homepage to checkout.

Flat finder

This case study was all about designing an apartment finder site for both mobile and desktop. My primary focus was to cut out the fluff to create a minimalistic design that helps users find what they’re looking for quickly.

Pharmacy Dashboard

I co-led my design team in building an ideal retail pharmacy dashboard. I led our team’s extensive competitive analysis and co-led a design studio. You can also find other screens I designed here.

City of Boston

Worked with the City of Boston to improve their neighborhood search tool. This feature provides location-based information, including trash pick-up schedules, weather emergency info, city run spaces, etc.