About me

Growing up, I frequently found it challenging to stay focused in class. Instead, I would often find myself doodling, as I have always been drawn to the creativity and tranquility that art brings. Although I wasn’t a poor student, there was definitely room for improvement. It wasn’t until 8th grade that I made a conscious effort to become a more diligent and disciplined student, as grades started to hold more significance.

To enhance my concentration, I utilized my doodling skills to create visually engaging notes, complete with charts, graphics, and other elements. This simple technique completely transformed my learning experience and allowed me to stay engaged at all times. It was during a conversation with a friend that I realized, in many ways, this was my introduction to the world of UX/UI. Unbeknownst to me at the time, and even after college, I eventually found my calling in the field of UX/UI.

I am truly passionate about my career choice because it aligns perfectly with who I am. As I work, I tap into that same mindset and love for doodling, embracing the creativity and tranquility it brings. Solving problems for the users of my products and striving to infuse as much delight as possible is what drives me.

I now have 5 years of design experience with 3 of those years being at CVS Health. I work in all phases of the UX process from discovery research to final UI handoffs.

In my next role I’m looking to continue on with being a UX and UI designer. I’m seeking a fulltime role or contract to fulltime in the healthcare, entertainment, gaming, food or tech space. 

If you are interested in chatting or want to connect, please connect with me on LinkedIn or my Dribbble portfolio through the icons below! 


Where I’ve worked


With his marketing & sales background coupled with his strong UX copywriting skills, Rick is able to help connect the dots of a user experience faster than most designers. He’s a great guy and anyone would be lucky to work with him!”

Alec Harrison, Cofounder of Visual Boston, UX/UI designer

“I had the pleasure of working with Rick at ETQ. Not only is Rick sharp and creative, he is also a great teammate. His presentation skills are top-notch and he is good at both design as well as research.  He is brimming with ideas and is great at communicating them effectively.

He made my time at ETQ all the more memorable. Rick is a good mix of a talented designer and a curious researcher, and I am sure he will be an asset for any company he works at.”

Anukriti Sharma, UX writer at Amazon

In my experience, Rick Aborn has proved himself a capable and hard-working colleague. His tenacity and creativity in solving problems has allowed him to rise to a great many challenges. This, coupled with his ongoing thirst for knowledge and dedication to lifelong learning, make him an asset to any organization.

Andrew Sheridan, Enterprise Cloud Technologist at NetSuite